My favourite designers of the DDW 2012 (2)

Mats Horbach
The power of the imagination should not be underestimated, believes Mats Horbach. With this project "Imagine what you see", he reveals what you can achieve by looking at things creatively. A ladder with two peepholes is a physical metaphor of this non-rational stance. He also morphs basic cabinets into a enormous array of forms, from the more practical, to the offbeat, to the downright wondrous, showcasing the infinite possibilities that arise when you give your creativity free rein. His accompanying personal handbook of stories and ideas aims to further open new doors of perception, exposing that anything and everything is possible, all it takes is some imagination.

Carina van den Bergh
Seeing the magic in everyday objects and letting your imagination run wild is something we mostly do as children. As we grow older our imagination slowly disappaers behind a layer of seriousness. Carina van den Bergh has gone in search of a naive thinking she did when she was little. She has made a line in furniture for grownups based on the unaffected vocabulary of a child: "Naif". Five pieces of oak furniture to play with. They contain some of the recognisable elements of standard furniture, but they are anyhing but standard. A chair becomes a cabinet when you turn the seating over, a leg grows into a lamp. And when you slides het pieces together, a completely new image emerges.

Jody Kocken
When Jody Kocken discovered she was allergic to perfume, she looked for solutions that would enable her to still wear a fragance. She developed Pefume Tools: a series of jewellery pieces that can be attached to the opening of a perfume bottle. The tools absorb the scent and wok as fragrance diffusers that can be worn. In places where the skin is most vulnerable, the precious metal is warmed up so that the scent can travel. Any skin contact with the perfumed liquid is thus avoided.

Image source:
1. Image by me
2. Image by me
3. Image by Jody Kocken


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