Fashion vs interior - Pella Hedeby

I'd like to dedicate this month's fashion vs interior to Pella Hedeby of STIL inspiration.
Pella is one of my favourite bloggers. Her interior stylings can be described as minimalistic, Scandinavian, timeless, classic, modern, and refreshing. This month I've tried to compare her stylings with some classic, modern and minimalistic fashion stylings.

In the first picture I have compared Pella's styling with Freja Beha. I was inspired by the black and whites, the classical style, the heels and fashion. I could imagine a fashion model living in this place.
I think Freja's look fits perfectly with Pella's.

In the second picture I was triggered by the words rock, chic and classic and the cup with the P.
There was only one person starting with a "P" that I could think of when I saw these words and the urban style and that's ofcourse Poppy Delevingne. Her style is definately urban, classic and chic with a "rocky" edge.

In the thirth styling you can see a minimalistic, classic and sporty look. I think this perfectly matches Cara Delevigne's look for the DKNY campaign.

Image source:
STIL inspiration, Freja Beha for Saint Laurent, Poppy Delevingne, Cara Delevingne for DKNY

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