City streets are the real runways

"City streets are the real runways." I couldn't agree more.
Since I've got a whole bunch of black and white clothing which I have been wearing over and over, I thought it would be nice to look for some fresh styling inspiration.
This is what I found :-). What I need right now is: some ripped denim, sandals, a printed shirt, printed trousers and a nice black skirt, and a cute black bag to complete my look.
Almost ready for summer now;-)

Image source:
1. White shirt, jeans sandals and bag, Elin Kling, Style by Kling
2. Streetstyle ripped denim, They all hate us
3. White shirt and black skirt, Femme Belle
4. Printed trousers, The Pursuit Aesthetic
5. Quote, Pinterest
6. Bang bang look, The world of high heels

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