Hometown favourites: Restaurant Khotinsky

In the upcoming weeks, I'll share some of my hometown favourites with you.
Although Dordrecht might not be known for it's trendiness, I must say there are quite some nice restaurants, lunchrooms and shops that are really worth visiting.
Khotinsky is one of them. Khotinsky is one of the most beautiful restaurants of Dordrecht. It's architecture and industrial look will amaze you just as much as their food. It's delicious!
Since they've recently opened up, they're celebrating "opening week" this week.
On Friday there will we a big opening party (free entrance), on Saturday it's cocktail night and on Sunday there will be some live performances.
So if you haven't seen it yet...please go and visit the Khotinsky restaurant located in the new "Energiehuis" and you will surely have a great night out.

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